Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023

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Every April 22nd, people and organisations around the world come together to advance sustainability and climate action in commemoration of Earth Day.

Our world needs transformation. It’s time for the people of the world to hold governments and the private sector accountable for their role in our environmental crisis while also calling for bold, creative, and innovative solutions. This will require action at all levels, from business and investment to city and national government.
That’s where you come in: as an individual, you yield real power for change through your influence as a consumer, a voter, and a community member. Don’t underestimate your power. When your voice and actions are united with millions of others around the world, we can create an inclusive and impactful movement that is impossible to ignore.

Throughout April, we commemorate Earth Month with marches, rallies, volunteer events, and more. United together, we’ll drive a year of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to a sustainable and equitable future for our planet.

Get involved!

Be sure to register any and all events you plan on the official Earth Day Map. Post what you’re doing this Earth Day and make sure to tag #EarthDay and/or #InvestInOurPlanet to possibly be featured on our social channels!