International Relaxation Day

International Relaxation Day


International Relaxation Day will be held on the 15th August, 2023. A day to relax or choose to learn new relaxation techniques. Or perhaps take some time out in a busy day to relax. Since 1985, National Relaxation Day is held annually on the 15th August in the USA.  This was a great idea by a nine year old, Sean Moeller from Michigan. Nowadays, with thanks to social media platforms many people around the world celebrate National Relaxation Day and more recently, International Relaxation Day.

What’s involved for International Relaxation Day?

International Relaxation Day is an opportunity to reflect and share the importance of relaxation and how people, families, organisations and communities can learn about applying relaxation in their daily lives and routines. Social media can be used to share what methods you have found useful to aid relaxation. You can use the hashtags: #InternationalRelaxationDay #InternationalRelaxationDay2023 #Relaxation

If National Relaxation Day is recognised in your country then you can use the hashtag: #NationalRelaxationDay

New International Relaxation Day Website

This year the National Wellbeing Service Ltd has launched a new website dedicated to International Relaxation Day which includes information about how to relax. It also has a Research Hub for health practitioners, teachers, health coaches, doctors, psychologists and other professionals who may wish to use relaxation in their area of work. The development of this website will be an on-going process and new material will uploaded over the coming months.