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Welcome to the National Wellbeing Service homepage.  This website focuses on health and wellbeing. Over the coming months we will upload or link to videos, articles and research that focuses on enhancing wellbeing. We have included free health self-assessment tools which provide an insight into wellbeing, healthy eating, drinking and mood. Plus free online relaxing music. We have uploaded free books on a range of topics that will be of interest to health professionals wanting to increase their understanding of physical and psychological wellbeing. We support and promote National, European and International health and wellbeing campaigns. We also provide health and wellbeing related training for health professionals.

We launched our organisation’s website on the 27 March, 2015, on Ireland’s first National Workplace Wellbeing Day which was organised by the Nutrition and Health Foundation. This nationwide campaign aims to help improve employee health through promoting better nutrition and physical activity in workplaces.

We support the Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress Campaign which is organised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. We have provideden_logo_hw

information about the campaign on our website.

We believe that every person and every health worker should have access to the healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of those for whom they are responsible. We support Healthcare Information For All (HIFA) and encourage you to join the HIFA forums.

The National Wellbeing Service Ltd has been launched by a group of Chartered Psychologists and health professionals. Check out our facebook site for relevant posts, follow us on LinkedIn, twitter or Google+. You can subscribe to our daily newsletter which will keep you up-to-date with wellbeing and health news and opinions. We publish the National Wellbeing Service Journal. Visit our About page to learn more about the National Wellbeing Service. We use the Beyond Security system to undertake our Web Site Security Audit™.

Healthy workplaces manage stress
Healthy workplaces manage stress

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